About Us

About The Founder

Jill believes all animal lovers are born to rescue, and truly can’t give an exact date as to when she herself became a rescue; but what she can say is; “I remember my first real rescue as a little girl was saving a frog.” From frogs to birds to turtles and deer, her passion to ‘save’ began in her formative years.

Bella Vita Rescue was founded in 1999 (that’s 126 in dog years) with the true meaning of Beautiful Life rescue and prides its identity on the rescue of most living beings.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make change in the high-kill system; closing loopholes in the present Hayden’s Law, as well as create safe havens for dogs, horses and truly whatever crosses our rescue’s path.

Isabella is the namesake of our rescue and the co-founder and animal activist, she is the creative sector of our rescue, and partnering in the motto that “All animals are born innocent, we can do better.”